The only way out is through.

Be courageous. Be vulnerable. Be responsible.

Be courageous.
Be vulnerable.
Be responsible.

We are here to evolve the trauma conversation in popular culture.

The Movement

We envision a world where people are safe to express their most vulnerable stories and be proud of everything that makes them who they are.

We invite you to share your story about how you healed and accepted your trauma using the hashtag #oktrauma. We will then amplify your story by reposting it to our communities.

You are not alone.
Together we can make a difference.

It’s time to bring trauma out of the shadows and on to the main stage.

Destiny Now

It all started with this short film.

Watch Our Trauma Healing Discussion

The Healing Power of Storytelling:
Race and Intergenerational Trauma

A discussion featuring top trauma healing facilitators from around the world as we dig into the healing power of storytelling as it relates to race and generational trauma. This is an opportunity to learn about the origins Aparthied in South Africa, how it relates to Black Lives Matter today and how we can all facilitate healing. 

The Panelists

Core people with The Institute For Healing of Memories Non-Profit Organization


Father Michael Lapsley

Organization Founder

Michael Lapsley, born in New Zealand, joined the Society of the Sacred Mission and was sent to South Africa in 1973. There he became active in the anti-apartheid movement, ultimately joining the African National Congress. After surviving an assassination attempt, he returned from exile to found the Institute for Healing of Memories in Cape Town.

(C)(T) LynndiScott_1403

Lynndi Scott

Los Angeles Facilitator

 Co-facilitator for Healing of Memories.  She attended a workshop in 2014 during an incredible time of grief and loss. It was then when she understood that trauma was what she was experiencing. As a professional actor, Lynndi knew all too well how to utilize her life experiences and truths to embody a character; it was fuel for her art. And now, having been profoundly awakened to the trauma that has impacted her life for a very long time by the systemic racism in our county, her healing journey continues. And it continues with strength, empowerment and acumen gained from her involvement with Healing of Memories.


Fatima Swartz

Program Director, South Africa

Fatima Swarz is the program director for The Institute of The Healing of Memories in South Africa. She has an extensive background as an educator and has worked in cross-cultural environments on issues of conflict transformation, organizational development, identity and diversity, mediation and social healing. She was a key trainer for the Coalition for Peace in Africa and is currently a core trainer for- Non Violent Peace Force on Unarmed Civilian Protection. For more info please see The Institute for Healing of Memories website.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 4.37.40 PM

Phyllis Rodriguez

New York Facilitator

Facilitator for the Institute of The Healing of Memories. Mother of son killed in 911 attacks. Founder of  “11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows” In November 2002, they met with Aicha el-Wafi, mother of Zacarias Moussaoui who had been indicted in connection with the attacks. He was the only person tried on the US mainland in connection with 9/11 and faced the federal death penalty  They were both bereaved mothers, each in a different way but joined by a common traumatic event. For more information on their journey please to: 


Gloria Hage

Executive Director, America

Holds a master’s degree in international relations from New York University, and an undergraduate degree in business and marketing. With Wagner Graduate School for Public Service, she studied international health policies and prospects at the World Health Organization in Geneva Switzerland, and conflict and development in The Netherlands. She has tenure in the biotechnology industry, as well as extensive non-profit experience.  For more info please see The Institute For Healing of Memories website.


Sanyika Street

Panel Moderator

Sanyika “The Firestarter” Street’s is a POWERHOUSE.He teaches people how to stop negotiating with themselves, pick one path and go ALL IN, with his High Performance Coaching Program, The All In Method. The powerful product is greater resilience, revenue and relationships.
A High Powered Storyteller & Speaker, Sanyika uses spoken word storytelling as an innovative method to tell stories for some of the biggest brands in the world. He’s worked with Sony Playstation, FOX Network, The US Department Of Defense, Universal Music Group and now…INK Global. 
For more, you can reach the firestarter on IG @FirestarterLive

Our Partners

We are partnering with top experts and organizations around the world to make an impact on the healing of trauma.


Since the 1990s, The Healing of Memories has provided  workshops around the world, enabling participants from diverse ethnic groups, races, and religions to reach a better understanding of themselves and each other.  They are committed to individual and collective healing that creates a more peaceful and socially just future.

Partner and Fiscal Sponsor

Healing TREE advocates healing from abuse and trauma rather than coping with the symptoms, in order to transform lives and, ultimately, society. We achieve this by providing trauma-focused resources and education and by producing and partnering with relevant film, television, and theatre, empowering the social change necessary to create a healing movement.

About #OkTrauma

Inspired by the #metoo movement, we have been deeply moved to facilitate a new relationship with trauma healing in popular culture.

Our mission is for the OkTrauma framework to be a place where people learn healing and acceptance methodologies from experts, engage in supportive listening and where people are free and safe to express their deepest truth so that their trauma can be set free.

It all started with the "Destiny Now" film, but we quickly realized that this is so much bigger than a film. Today we are dedicated to raising money for non-profits who have been doing incredible healing work and to growing a community of resilient leaders who empower each other to find acceptance in their trauma story.

It's time for the world to speak their truth.

Your mess is your message.


Meet the Founders

Teddy Saunders

Teddy is a filmmaker and entrepreneur with a passion to empower the truth and beauty of humanity.

Michelle Barton

Michelle is a performer, content creator, and facilitator who knows tools to overcome deep trauma.

Join Our Journey

We invite you to share your trauma healing story in our communities. Simply use the hashtag #oktrauma when posting about how you turned your trauma into your triumph and we will re-post it in our communities to support you.

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We are committed to our vision and would love for you to join our team to create lasting change in the world.

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